Imaginative. Unconventional. And as a result maybe just a bit more understanding.

Very often past burdens and adverse circumstances of the present cost us far too much precious energy.
It is energy that we could use to a much better purpose in other areas dearer to us.
This is not necessary and can be changed with little effort. fe

About me

(Francesca to my English and Italian friends, clients and colleagues).
Since 2008 I have been working independently as a coach, a counsellor and a trainer.
Originally I studied English and Italian Literature and subsequently worked as a lecturer for many years.
From very early on my main interest has been trying to find out what makes people tick, what they think, what they feel, how they act – always including myself as well.

My expertise

I am a specialist for emotional stress relief and I help people spend their personal resources on what really matters.
The main subjects are health promotion, communication and relationships, highly sensitive people issues, authenticity, crisis intervention.

Methodological approach

Language, learning, doing. Imparting knowledge and know-how is, and has been, one of the most important elements of my work.
While the content has changed, the procedure has remained.
There is no difference whether we learn a new skill, a new subject or learn how to manage our lives, the processes in our brains are the same.
And more knowledge is more freedom too. To know how to use your full range of possibilities and the whole of your true potential.

Motivation and recent findings of neuroscience

I use means and methods of neurodidactics, psychology and communication – language in particular is a very powerful tool
when it comes to regulating our emotions and thus control our thinking and our actions.
Sometimes it is just the one word can make a huge difference: it can make us give up or encourage us to go on.


I get extremely satisfying results with the wingwave method (v. REM-Intervention, EMDR).
It begins where a problem starts, i.e. at the very first moment we perceive a situation – in our brain.
Under extreme stress the teamwork between our hemispheres is impaired, they do not manage to cooperate well anymore.
By means of a very specific intervention we can induce your natural stress relief processes, neutralize stress triggers and provide a lasting motivational boost.
After just a few sessions you will have regained your full performance capability.

You understand before I have even begun to think the thought myself."  (client's comment)

My special features

An optimistic attitude combined with creativity, a fine-tuned ear for the very specific language of the people I meet, the ability to encourage and
"still see opportunities where others have given up already" (client’s comment).


Experience and qualifications:

  • wingwave® Coach and health pedagogue, Besser-Siegmund Institute, Hamburg
  • NLC-Master-Coach, Society for Neurolinguistic Coaching
  • Trainer for work-related stress management, Besser-Siegmund Institute, Hamburg
  • Certificate in Counseling, CAS Zurich University
  • certified ZRM®-Trainer, CAS Zurich University
  • Certificate in First Aid Psychology, SBAP Zurich
  • Member Care Team Thurgau
  • licensed NLP™ -Trainer, with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna, Society of NLP, London
  • Hypnotic Practitioner, Paul Mc Kenna Training, Society of NLP Richard Bandler, London
  • Magic Words Trainer, Besser-Siegmund Institute, Hamburg
  • Work-Health Balance Coach for Systemic Shortterm-Concepts, Besser-Siegmund Institute, Hamburg
  • Mental Coach for Systemic Shortterm-Concepts, Besser-Siegmund Institute, Hamburg
  • Coaching Mastery, Michael Neill, London
  • Lecturer
  • Study of English Literature and Language Teaching Diploma, Zurich University       

You understand before I have even got to thinking the thought myself!"

(comment client)