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Online Coaching for You during Difficult Times - and Always

The current crisis has been an enormous challenge for all uf us, with one of the biggest consisting in the fact, that we don't know how long it will last. Uncertainty is hard to bear. How can I deal with it? How can I cope with my fears, my helplessness, my anger or my despair?

These kind of questions can impose themselves relentlessly -  today perhaps more stubbornly than ever before - because we have to do without many of the resources we used to have. We are left to our own devices, some of us maybe for the first time in their lives. Not easy at all.

With brief and effective interventions I can help you calm down your emotional turmoil and show you how to deal differently with demanding situations. It often happens that your thinking and your feelings must stop fighting each other and instead agree on a shared goal.
To find inner strength and peace.

The advantages of online coaching are flexible planning and safe sessions for those with health concerns.
And for those who are tired of screen time: phone sessions have been of equal value, or even better. All you need is a real notebook and pen.

I am looking forward to working with you, just give me a call:

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